Jake’s transformation speaks for itself. He is JACKED and an inspiration to everyone with pectus. He gained a ridiculous amount of muscle & strength within only 8 weeks. When asked about the program Jake answered "I feel great. I have changed my body so much" and referenced to how much more confident he is now and how his mindset has improved dramatically.
As you can see from his before & after, Nicholas dramatically reduced the extent of his pectus indent and rib flare. He dropped body fat, gained a lean muscular physique & 'fixed' his case of pectus. Nicholas told me after the program was done that "We need to help pectus people…help with their insecurities. Pectus can be fixed."
Oscar’s results are a testament to his dedication to the program I set for him. He contacted me daily & followed the nutrition and workout program like his life depended on it. As a result Oscar has gained a ridiculous amount of muscle, lost fat, gained tremendous amounts of strength & has been able to minimise the cosmetic extent of his pectus condition. Oscar described working with me as “The best thing I have ever done."
Dor dropped a significant amount of body fat and gained a lot muscle but most importantly he gained a lot of confidence, stating that he has never felt more confident in his body before. He has majorly reduced the prominence of his case of pectus excavatum through developing his muscles, dropping body fat, stretching the chest & correcting his posture. He described online coaching as "life changing."
Tomer’s transformation highlights the power of building muscle & correcting posture to improve pectus excavatum. As you can see in his before photo his hunched posture & forward neck position accentuates the prominence of his indent. As soon as Adams posture was straightened his pectus became immediately less noticeable, this in conjunction with a lot more muscle provided an ultimate combination to enable him to completely transform his body.
Adam’s transformation is very inspiring. Unlike most of the transformations on my page which were achieved in a couple of months of working with me, Adams transformation is a result of 2 years of his own hard training from 14 to 16. Adam highlights to all the younger kids out there with Pectus, showing that the sooner you start your weight training regime the better. Absolute respect to you Adam, you are a living example of a Pectus Warrior.
Shaun is a prime example of a pectus warrior & a great role model to anyone out there with pectus excavatum. He has managed to drastically reduce the prominence of his case of pectus and build a very impressive physique. Shaun’s transformation highlights the capacity of a well-developed body to disguise from the indented chest & rib flare. I look forward to seeing Shaun continue to progress over the coming years.
Thomas's transformation goes to show the younger kids with Pectus Excavatum just what they can achieve. His pectus is FAR less prominent after working out for just 8 weeks! His chest development immediately masked the indentation & his ab development have served to minimise the rib flare and potbelly. He didn't even join a gym either, he just bought some dumbbells and worked out at home. 
Harrys biggest problem wasn’t the indented chest but rather his rib flare. After 8 weeks of training hard and eating well Harry got extremely shredded and totally reduced the prominence of his rib flare, pot belly and pectus condition. Harry’s transformation provides hope to anyone out there with Pectus who’s rib flare is more of an issue than the actual indent that their body can be improved without the means of surgery.
Mike is an inspiration to all the adults out there with Pectus. One of the most common questions I get is “am I too old to improve my case of pectus through exercise?”. The answer is no. At any age, you can correct your posture & build muscle and Mike’s transformation is a testament to this. I have worked with Mike for a long time now & he deserves to be congratulated for his hard work. His efforts have enabled him to achieve an AMAZING transformation & I couldn’t be more proud.